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Casa Agave Calle Brisas Las Tunas

Casa Agave_0028_Pools and More_0001_DJI_0156.DNG Casa Agave_0010_4H4A7778-Editar.tif Casa Agave_0014_4H4A7801-Editar.tif Casa Agave_0008_4H4A7754.CR3 Casa Agave_0025_4H4A7904-Editar.tif Casa Agave_0035_4H4A8065-Editar.tif Casa Agave_0000_4H4A7655-Editar.tif Casa Agave_0044_Pools and More_0017_DJI_0195.DNG Casa Agave_0003_4H4A7693-Editar.tif Casa Agave_0017_4H4A7806-Editar.tif Casa Agave_0031_4H4A8006-Editar.tif Casa Agave_0004_4H4A7705-Editar.tif Casa Agave_0030_Pools and More_0001_DJI_0156.DNG Casa Agave_0029_4H4A7968-Editar.tif Casa Agave_0043_4H4A8104-Editar.tif Casa Agave_0006_4H4A7729-Editar.tif Casa Agave_0018_4H4A7808-Editar.tif Casa Agave_0027_4H4A7932-Editar.tif Casa Agave_0013_4H4A7800-Editar.tif Casa Agave_0024_4H4A7895-Editar.tif Casa Agave_0039_4H4A8084.CR3 Casa Agave_0026_4H4A7919-Editar.tif Casa Agave_0020_4H4A7821-Editar.tif Casa Agave_0022_4H4A7870-Editar.tif Casa Agave_0046_4H4A8185.CR3 Casa Agave_0040_4H4A8085.CR3 Casa Agave_0033_4H4A8049.CR3 Casa Agave_0041_4H4A8086.CR3 Casa Agave_0007_4H4A7738-Editar.tif Casa Agave_0023_Pools and More_0020_DJI_0204.DNG Casa Agave_0005_4H4A7718-Editar.tif Casa Agave_0045_4H4A8166-Editar.tif Casa Agave_0016_4H4A7805-Editar.tif Casa Agave_0000_4H4A7655-Editar.tif Casa Agave_0011_4H4A7793-Editar.tif Casa Agave_0028_Pools and More_0001_DJI_0156.DNG Casa Agave_0038_4H4A8082.CR3 Casa Agave_0019_4H4A7815-Editar.tif Casa Agave_0015_4H4A7802-Editar.tif Casa Agave_0032_Pools and More_0001_DJI_0156.DNG Casa Agave_0037_4H4A8080.CR3 Casa Agave_0009_4H4A7760-Editar.tif Casa Agave_0036_4H4A8077.CR3 Casa Agave_0021_4H4A7859-Editar.tif Casa Agave_0034_Pools and More_0001_DJI_0156.DNG Casa Agave_0001_4H4A7666-Editar.tif Casa Agave_0042_4H4A8088-Editar.tif Casa Agave_0012_4H4A7795-Editar.tif Casa Agave_0002_4H4A7676-Editar.tifThis is the home you will want to make your own. Situated on top of a hill with incredible views in the desirable neighborhood of Las Tunas. To the east are the Sierra la Laguna Mountains and to the west is the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Even though it is an easy walk to the beach, you can sit in your living room or be cooking dinner in the kitchen and still be able to watch whales jumping. This property consists of the main house with 3 bedrooms and 2 ½ baths, a guest casita with 1 bedroom and bath, an art studio, and a large bodega. The kitchen features granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. All the bathrooms in the main house have marble floors and countertops. This home abounds with patios to entertain and dine alfresco.


  • Internet


  • Gas


  • Bathtub


  • Covered deck

    Covered deck

  • Garage


  • Washer


  • Dryer


  • Laundry Room

    Laundry Room

  • Bodega


  • Casita


  • BBQ or Grill

    BBQ or Grill

  • A/C


  • Ceiling Fans

    Ceiling Fans

  • Fireplace


  • Refrigerator


  • Dishwasher



  • Location Las Tunas
  • State BCS
  • Country Mexico
  • View Ocean, Mountain, Farmland
  • Finished area 7,486 m2
  • Total living space 3,390 m2
  • Deck space 3,545 m2
  • Lot area 1,849 m2
  • Water Sapa
  • Electricity Cfe
  • Sewer-Septic Septic
  • Furnished No
  • Garage/Carport Yes
  • Year Built 2008
  • TSML ID 4791

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Take the road to Las Playitas, turn left in Camino al Cielo Street, turn the first left Brisas del Pacifico Street and Casa Agave is almost at the end of this street in a long brown wall on your left side.